gree-pumpkinsLast fall, we had a pumpkin patch for people to come and do a U-pick and on-your-honor pay system that was hugely successful. I especially enjoyed visiting with ‘city’ kids that thought that pumpkins came from the grocery store. We also had those kids find fallen apples and feed our pigs! That was a big hit for them and the pigs. No porkers this year, but lots of pumpkins including several different varieties!

We will be having a Fall Pumpkin Celebration on the Friday and Saturday evenings leading up to Halloween. Come from 4pm to 7pm and enjoy s’mores and a cup of lavender-spiced cider while choosing a great pumpkin. The gift shop will also be open for some early Christmas shopping!

Recipe: How to make a pumpkin pie from a fresh pumpkin >

In the summer, there’ll be wreath making classes. Come learn more about lavender and leave with a beautiful creation that you made yourself! Check our FaceBook page for the schedule.

In the future, there’ll be more classes including propagation, composting, proper pruning techniques, and uses for fresh and dried lavender.